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a well designed home tells you who lives there, not who designed it.
— kelle


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Hi, I’m Kelle

(pronounced like bell)

I am mostly known for my upbeat personality, love for black and white, and my keepin-it-real nature. One of my unique gifts is seeing the unseen. I pick up on the subtle nuances that speak to a person’s style, distinct preferences, and most importantly, I listen carefully to gather the details for their story.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with very passionate, driven people that expect their surroundings to do more for them than just look perfect. I’m honored to have the privilege of creating smart and beautiful environments that set the stage for passionate professionals like myself. Seeing a vast improvement in a client’s life is why I do what I do!

My approach to design is about getting to know each client for the unique individual that they are; what brings them joy, what experiences they want to share with the world, and ultimately, how I can help them live their best life!

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