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a well designed home tells you who lives there, not who designed it.
— kelle


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Hi, I’m Kelle

(pronounced like bell)

I am mostly known for my upbeat personality, love for black and white, swanky vintage finds, and my keepin-it-real nature. One of my unique gifts is picking up on the little details that will resonate with and represent my client’s sense of style.

Every business starts with WHY. Mine is that I believe that our surroundings greatly influence the way we feel. I decided to dedicate my design business to one simple and powerful idea: making the world a better place by creating beautiful and happy spaces.

I love serving the world by meeting each client where they’re at in their home or business journey and helping them make their environment reflect who they are and what they’re all about. I’ve been incredibly blessed to work with some very passionate people. CEO’s, CFO’s, Entrepreneurs, all sorts of talented, driven professionals. that I’ve had the privilege of getting to know. My approach to design is more about getting to know each client; what brings them joy, what experiences they want to share with the world, and ultimately what will make their home reflect their lives and tell their story.

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