How would it feel to:

  • Get help with a design dilemma that you’ve been struggling with?

  • Get the clarity you need to make the vision you have for your home a reality?

  • Have a set of experienced design eyes review your floor plan, or the selections that you’ve made on your own, before making a major commitment?

  • Work with a designer to get the answers and reassurance you need without making a large investment?

  • Get a clear set of plans of what you need to do, and in what order, to make your dream a reality?

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If you’re trippin over a design decision, strugglin to find your personal style, or not sure where to start with your project...


You can book a 2 hour One-on-One session with Kelle, and start moving forward with confidence!

Each One-on-One Session Includes:

Virtual Project Review (Value $60)

2 Hours of Design Support (Value $180)

Follow-Up Email (Value $60)

Investment: $250 (TOTAL VALUE $300)

How it works

  • Before your ONE-ON-ONE, send us your questions and pictures of the space. We may even ask you to take some photos of your favorite things, whether that means an awesome pair of shoes or a cherished family heirloom. We’ll review everything prior to the session to make the most of your time. We want to be prepared and have some ideas locked and loaded!

  • We’ll connect over Facetime or Zoom, whichever you choose. **BREATHE** We won’t judge. EVER.

  • Our virtual meeting may take up to one hour, and then you’ll receive a follow up email including sourced items, inspiration images, and the direction you’ll need for implementation. This follow-up email is the second hour of design support.

  • You may send us one follow up email with updates, photos, and follow-up questions that are relevant to the initial project and we will get back to you with answers or more design tips.

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“It was so helpful having a set of design eyes look at everything. Now I know I’m not crazy, and I have a game plan that I’m excited about!”

- Stacie J.

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“I was shopping at the same places for years - buying the same kinds of things as everyone else - wondering why I was never that thrilled or in love with my home. Now, my home tells a story and reflects what brings me the most happiness.”

- Jessica B.